Screening for Diabetes

  • Doctors usually advise that women should get a blood glucose test every three years to check for diabetes or pre-diabetes starting around age 45 or if their blood pressure is above 135/80 or they have high cholesterol levels
  • Other risk factors include family history, physical inactivity, body mass index (BMI) greater than 25
  • A diabetes check is more significant if you are planning to get pregnant and have other risk factors such as obesity and high blood pressure
  • The range for normal tests can vary, but in general, a fasting plasma glucose test reading of 100 mg/dl or higher, is indicative of prediabetic, while levels greater than 126 mg/dl are suggestive of diabetes. Your doctor might want to look at the post-meal blood sugar readings and HbA1c value as well to derive a final diagnosis. 
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