Vitek-2 (Biomerieux)

The VITEK® 2 system has everything healthcare laboratories need for fast, accurate microbial identification, and antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Bact/Alert-3D (Biomerieux)

The BacT/ALERT® 3D instrument is a state-of-the-art, automated microbial detection system. The BacT/ALERT system offers advantages in every dimension of microbial detection testing. From its space-saving modular design to its easy touch-screen operation and flexible data management options, every size laboratory can perform microbial detection with the BacT/ALERT 3D.

HAIN (Biomerieux)

The GenoType Mycobacterium CM/AS is based on the DNA‧STRIP technology.The assay permits the simultaneous molecular genetic identification of the M.tuberculosis complex, 14 the most common NTM species, 16 clinically relevant NTM species.