Full Body Checkup Package – Comprehensive

Every specialist recommended having a basic health checkup on a regular basis in order to detect potential health issues early and take preventative measures. The liver function test, CBC, blood sugar test, KFT, and urine R/M test are all included in our basic health test package. These tests will benefit you in maintaining your health.

MedERA Path labs has 62 parameters that provide you a detailed picture of your health. By timely detection and screening may help you easily to avoid diseases and with MedERA Pathlab Full Body Health Package-Basic you can easily track your health records in the best way. MedERA Pathlab is most trusted and leading diagnostic lab for providing all kind of health services to customers. You can opt for the Full Body Health Package-Basic or other packages that are better suited to your needs in order to maintain your health from your comfort place (at home services).

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