Flow Cytometry

  • Department is skill/experience/technology driven and is looked after by a team of doctors and flow cytometry technologists with experience of 15-20 years in this field.
  • Assays are complete US-FDA IVD compliant, as the Instrument, reagents and the software modules are IVD certified.
  • Automatic gating in certain tests removes accidental errors, which may occur in a non-IVD software module with manual template.
  • Department flow cytometers can run 6/8 colour and 10 colour assays.
  • Monitoring of minimal residual disease analysis for B and T ALL (MRD sensitivity: 0.01%) done in the department offers a way to precisely assess early treatment response and detect relapse.
  • Department is NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) & CAP (College of American Pathologists) accredited.
  • Regularly participates in the CAP – Proficiency Testing program and Inter-Laboratory Comparison Program (ILCP).
FACSCANTO II (Becton Dickinson)

2 BD FACSCANTO II 8 color detection

High Performance cell analyzer with proven reliability:
  • Accurate results and reliable performance for experiments requiring up to 10 parameters
  • Fixed alignment flow cell, minimizes startup time and improves reproducibility
  • Patented optical design maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay
  • Innovative designs for both the excitation and collection optics reduce excitation losses, yielding more information from each sample
  • High throughput sampler
NAVIOS EX (Beckman Coulter)
  • Advance cytometer for high throughput laboratories.
  • Efficient workflow through automated data management from sample identification through to data reporting
  • Up to 12 parameters for identification of populations in complex advanced clinical applications for high complexity assays and reproducible results
  • Clear population resolution with new double power lasers and integrated optics with 10 colors
  • Innovative scatter detection technology provides flexibility for microparticle and dim fluorescent population analysis
  • Collect additional data points from each sample
  • Reduce the number of samples to prepare along with the possible pipetting errors