Clinical Cytogenetics

  • Offers chromosome karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and genomic microarrays.
  • State-of-art laboratory with fully automated systems
  • More than 40,000 samples being processed annually.
  • Chromosome Harvesters and Metaphase Spreaders reduce hands-on-time and increase quality
  • Capable of processing any type of sample such as Blood, Bone Marrow or any cell suspension cultures
  • Capability of Interphase chromosome profiling

Instrument & Equipments

G-banding staining process
Auto Chromosome Stainer is the equipment which is for automatically executing aging and staining processes that are preprocessing of chromosome analysis using the G-banding method.

It normally takes 2-3 days of aging process.

However the aging step has dramatically improved for the efficiency of the routine works by performing the processing of approximately 30 seconds by unique approach.
  • 20 slides walk away capability (Approx. 30 minutes)
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Low maintenance and ease of use
  • UV aging unique feature
  • Increased laboratory productivity
Isolate culture process
  • Stable isolating lymphocyte by mechanical movement
  • Up to24 samples process for 1.5 hours concurrently
  • Centrifugation at constant temperature, 3 sets of plumbing for culture solution
  • Recognition of lymphocyte layer solution by camera
  • Prevent contamination with sterile condition
  • No human error with ID code management
Metaphase Spreaders
  • Chromosome Metaphase Spreaders enable anyone to create glass slide specimens of metaphase spreads ideal for chromosomal analysis such as FISH, CGH, and G-banding.
  • Minimizing chromosome overlaps in spreads makes analysis easier and more reliable, which streamlines routine work.
  • Product lineup is as follows
Cell harvesting process
  • Chromosome Metaphase Harvesters perform the processing of cell harvesting from the cultured cell automatically, simplifying a complicated process and producing uniform cells.
  • These harvesters can‘t only streamline the harvesting process with stable mechanical movements, but also prevent human error and cross-contamination.
  • Product lineup is as follows.